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Lean Dynamix Manufacturing Practice – A Brief History

In 1990 the best-selling book, The Machine that Changed the World popularized the term “Lean” which was first coined by an MIT researcher in characterizing highly efficient organizations such as Toyota.

“Lean Dynamics” is an approach that was developed within the aerospace industry and popularized by the book Going Lean. Lean Dynamics focuses on identifying and addressing sources of "lag", or imbedded disconnects and delays in flowing value through operations, decision-making, information, and innovation that lead to workarounds and amplify disruption when business conditions change. It promotes a different way of structuring the business that creates an inherent "dynamic stability" or greater responsiveness for accommodating shifting business conditions. Companies that are structured in this way show dramatically greater agility in creating customer value as measured by their quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction; they also sustain greater corporate value as measured by profitability, market capitalization, and growth.

Coincidentally the founder of Lean Dynamix through the 1990s and 2000s was experimenting with similar Lean structures and business frameworks that would not only create inherent “dynamic stability” for the efficient production of Value, but that would also create an internal free market system within the enterprise, subjecting departments to constantly and dynamically right size themselves in line with customer Value. The result is the Thinking Production System, a template for client organizations to achieve the type of profitability and growth so well publicized in the Lean literature.

Thinking Production Systems TPS

At Lean Dynamix we work with client organizations to consolidate all aspects of the enterprise into a real “Thinking Production System” or TPS, that maintains customer Value as well as Profitability for the enterprise, through good and bad economic conditions, by continuously driving internal collaboration aimed at reducing waste.

Case Study

Working with the world’s largest producer of wheelchair accessible vehicles, taxis and lift products, Lean Dynamix has helped to:

Standardize operations into faster flowing Value Streams,

Develop Lean KPI’s, balanced scorecards, and a culture of continuous improvement,

-   -     Manage risk by restructuring the New Product Development process, 

Align the ISO and FDA regulatory efforts with a new Lean Enterprise framework,

-       Re-implement the ERP system to align with the new Lean Enterprise Framework,

-       To develop software applications for clear Management Accounting

-       Develop over 800 employees with 7 levels of Lean training and certification.


Case Study:

Working with a Harley Davidson supplier and major aftermarket manufacture of seating solutions, Lean Dynamix worked to:

-       Consolidate debt and broker a strategic buy-out of the company,

-       Standardize operations into faster flowing Value Streams,

-       Develop Lean KPI’s, balanced scorecards, and a culture of continuous improvement,

-       Manage risk by restructuring the New Product Development process,   

-       Gain ISO certification aligned with the new Lean Enterprise framework,

-       Develop automated software scheduling systems   


Case Study:

Working with the world’s largest recycler’s of electronic waste, Lean Dynamix is assisting the client in:

-       Standardizing operations into faster flowing Value Streams,

-       Working down significant backlog in waste inventories

-       Reducing footprint, headcount, and storage by consolidating facilities 

-       Developing Lean KPI’s, balanced scorecards, and a culture of continuous improvement,

-       Understanding how to shift from a firefighting culture that relies heavily on a few “rock star” personalities, to a team environment where average employees working together can drive world class success. 



Prior to founding Lean Dynamix our CEO along with many of our consultants have worked with other large and small organizations to bring truly transformational results. As a management trainee and Process Engineer at Toyota, Guy Olivier often participated on turnaround teams at Toyota suppliers, and later as a career Lean executive excelled at implementing Lean systems across diverse industries. As a Lean Consultant Guy has worked with Boeing, Caterpillar, and the US Department of Defense and now brings 27 years of experience to your organization as well. 

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