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Oct, 2012
Lean Dynamix partners with Simplified ISO 9001
Increasingly our clients see the Value in standardization as a strategic goal and are hence looking for more from their ISO 9001 quality systems rather than simply seeing ISO as a marketing tool at the expense of more paperwork. Towards this end more of our clients are asking for help with their quality systems and to "make ISO real". In response Lean Dynamix has partnered with Simplified 9001, a well written and highly rated ISO template which provides the needed documentation for a practical quality system. When coupled with the Lean methodologies provided by Lean Dyanmix, ISO can become an extremely powerful driver of operational excellence.    

Jul, 2012
Guy Olivier guest speaker at Fortune 100 Leadership forum - "Sustaining Kaizen Gains"
Guy Olivier was recently the guest speaker at a Fortune 100 Leadership forum that included a variety of product and financial service driven organizations including AFLAC, Coca-Cola, UPS, and Newell Rubbermaid, Shaw Industries and ING insurance services. The audience consisted largely of internal Lean and six sigma professionals as well as senior leaders struggling with the challenges of change and sustainment within their respective organizations. Guy spoke at length about the applications of the PDCA cycle and shares experiences from his 27 years of Lean implementations.     

Mar, 2012
Lean methods applied to Electronic Recycling
In March Lean Dynamix was retained by the country's largest and fastest growing electronics recycling player to assist in building standardized Lean processes to improve the flow of throughput products, to lowered the levels of inventories and WIP, and to achieve more predictable results. Lean Dynamix provides a week long Value Stream mapping workshop followed up over time with standardization and continuous improvement courses. Senior managers and shop floor supervisors alike are inspired by the early results and are looking forward to more participation in their Lean journey.  

Mar, 2012
Lean Dynamix publishes the Lean Enterprise Framework
In a world of excessive complexity, Lean provides simplicity and simplicity begins with aligning your structure to your purpose. "You can't go very fast if you're flying a blimp ... even with a Lean powered jet engine attached ... its simply not the right shape if you want speed. The same applies to companies. I have seen so much waste being generated within ill-structured or mis-aligned organizations that we had to develop a framework that simplifies and aligns the enterprise structures to the business model. These structures include the departmental structures and their roles and responsibilities, the organizational and reporting structures, the GL and cost accounting structures, the measures or KPIs that govern behaviors, and a variety of other important structures that once aligned completely simplify how the organization is able to function." 

Feb, 2012
Lean Dynamix partners with Conway MacKenzie LLC
Conway MacKenzie is a medium sized financial consulting and turnaround firm based out of Detroit, MI. While addressing the financial aspects of a struggling or transitioning organization is important to the rescue efforts, so too is the longer term growth and stability of the organization through the implementation of Lean methods and that's hopefully where Lean Dynamix will be able to compliment the Conway MacKenzie value proposition.   

Dec 16th, 2011

Lean Dynamix publishes alpha version of L.E.A.D. Safety app.
With the basic LEAD platform in place clients are beginning to experiment with the building of apps. One such app is a simple measure of the number of days departments run without loss time due to a safety incident. The app tracks the number of days at the departmental levels, at the divisional levels and at the company level and provides a web based interface for displaying these metrics on digital posters in the factory, on computer screens in the office or on any mobile device while on the go. Each safety event is also tracked and shows up as an icon that with touch screen capability can be reviewed for causal analysis. 

Dec 05th, 2011
Pat Renekker of Satellite Software joins forces with Lean Dynamix
Pat is a talented software developer who has developed and commercialized a suite of ERP complementary software tools that provide users with a far more simple user experience when interacting with their ERP systems, just the kind of simplification we're looking to build into the LEAD system. Pat brings a tremendous amount of hands on experience and practical knowledge to the team.   

Jul, 2011
First demo version of L.E.A.D. (Lean Enterprise Analytic Dashboard)   
This month Lean Dynamix showed its first demonstration of what the LEAD system could look like to a group of industry professionals. 
Jun, 2011
Lean Dynamix retained for ERP software evaluation and re-implementation

This month Lean Dynamix was retained by a mid to large size Mid Western automotive client to evaluate the current state of their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software and other information systems architecture. The evaluation will include a multi-month evaluation process spanning both the technical aspects in hardware and software configurations along with the levels of utilization within the enterprise; as well as an assessment of the physical, mission critical, processes required to support the ERP systems.   

Jun, 2011
Greg Dobbs of Dobbs Enterprises joins forces with Lean Dynamix
Greg Dobbs is a seasoned programmer and software developer with a management accounting background who brings a wealth of technical and managerial knowledge and experience to the mix. This week Greg began actively consulting under the Lean Dynamix umbrella, building on his significant contributions made during earlier stages of Lean Dynamix's formation.  

Jun 21st, 2011
Lean Dynamix INC is incorporated as a Californian corporation

Mar, 2011

Lean Dynamix becomes a Microsoft partner and BizSpark member

Consulting firm / tech start-up, Lean Dynamix is partnering with Microsoft as a Bizspark member to use MS Azure and other .net development tools in creating its L.E.A.D. (Lean Enterprise Analytic Dashboards) system. LEAD will be a multi tenant platform hosting web based applications that will allow managers to monitor their mission critical indicators in real time.  
"Merely consulting to clients on improved methods is not enough ..." says founder Guy Olivier "we need to leverage technology as well in order to provide our clients with the means to quickly transform their operations and habits. Remember it took companies like Toyota 50 years without such tools to achieve world class performance, but our clients don't have 50 years ... many of them need to show ROI (return on investment) within 12 months or the Lean initiative is dead on arrival." 

Feb, 2011
Lean Dynamix collaborates with Lean Quest LLC
Lean Quest is Lean consulting firm fielding ex-Toyota management consultants to promote Lean methods within the warehousing and distribution industries. As former colleagues, the members agreed to continue a close collaboration as a way of flexing consulting capacity on an as needed basis.   

Jan 26th, 2011
Lean Dynamix LLC  
Today Lean Dynamix LLC was formalized to provide the "whole solution" in Lean consulting and software services to for US manufacturers losing ground against the outsourcing tide. With Lean methods companies are able to shed waste inherent in their processes and become far more competitive.    
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