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Lean Dynamics is an approach that goes beyond just helping clients target and eliminate organizational waste, it also addresses the business structures that should accommodate the ever increasing and dynamic business conditions that cause waste to accumulate in the first place. 

Founded by an ex-Toyota process engineer and career Lean executive, Lean Dynamix Inc. offers a comprehensive suite of Lean assessments, training and implementation tools, a Lean Enterprise Architecture and Integration program that includes ISO 9001/2008, and a web-based Lean-centric set of technology solutions bundled under the LEAD (Lean Enterprise Analytical Dashboards) business intelligence stack. 

No matter what business challenges your company faces, Lean Dynamics will make the difference. Our approach is based upon the Toyota Production System but adapted to suit the individual needs and challenges faced by our clients both in the private and public sectors. 

We begin with education, because Lean at its core is a people oriented approach, and offer a tiered Lean Certification program to develop our client’s greatest resources, their employees ... through seven levels of Lean accreditation. Each level is application-rich in problem solving, value stream mapping, and in standardization and geared towards live results. 

Lean Dynamix also offers a wide array of consulting services across a broad spectrum of industries. We field consultants that are seasoned practitioners within their fields with decades of industry specific experience, providing clients the opportunity to quickly learn the lessons it took others (like Toyota) years to accumulate. 

Often Lean Dynamix is asked to assist clients in achieving ISO 9001 certifications or to help enhance and redeploy existing ISO quality systems together with Lean methodologies. For this purpose Lean Dynamix has researched and selected the very best ISO starter and advanced documentation templates available and partnered with Simplified 9001 to bring our clients a truly value based quality system. 

In the case of our Government & DOD (Department of Defense) consulting practice, our consultants include retired military officers and US Air Force pilots. These highly trained and experienced individuals represent a significant knowledge base and are a vital resource to both DOD agencies and Defense contractors needing help to do more with less.

Lean Dynamix also introduces “high-tech” software solutions to Lean, which is sometimes dubbed “no-tech” for its focus on manual and visual information systems like Kanban and Andon. Our ability to integrate Lean with the traditional ERP/MRP (Enterprise & Materials Resource Planning) systems helps clients to both optimize their Lean programs while still accelerating their return on technology investments.

Lean Dynamix also takes Lean into the 'cloud', with the development of a web based multi-tenant business intelligence platform called L.E.A.D (Lean Enterprise Analytic Dashboards). The platform is designed to eliminate organizational lag in data and communications flows, in the management decision making process and in the response time to interruptions in the flow of value out on the shop floor. 

Finally Lean Dynamix works closely on selected investment deals to provide pre-acquisition, operational assessments to investors as well as post acquisition assistance to ensure performance milestones are reached. On some occasions Lean Dynamix is retained to participate or lead turnaround events and to provide on-site operational management and/or program management.



Define Value from the Customer's perspective
Define Products that deliver that Value
Define: Price - Target Profit = Cost Target
Select Pilot Areas for Lean application
Define SMART targets up front

Define Product / Service Families
Define the Demand Flow Rates of each
Make Value Flow - Level & Balanced 
Create aligned Structures and Layouts
Create PULL systems 

Check that the results are consistent
Check the results are what the customers wants Check that the results are what you want
Measure Measure Measure

Act upon the results of the Check
Standardize good processes
5S, SOPs, JHAs, JQAs, Andon 
Define the baseline KPI's
Job Instruction Trainging
Layered Check / Act auditing

When an area is running consistently with
consistent results at target levels of
safety, quality, speed, and cost ...
then raise the bar a little and
challenge the process to systematically
improve until the new target becomes the
 new norm. 

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