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Guy Olivier
Guy is the founder and CEO of Lean Dynamix, a Lean consulting and technology firm headquartered in Northern California. Prior to founding Lean Dynamix, Guy accumulated over 27 years of lean manufacturing, engineering, and consulting experience across diverse industries including automotive, aerospace, & medical.

Guy launched his career in 1984 as a management trainee at Toyota and is a graduate of the “Toyota Management” program, a 3 year, full-time program with an emphasis on management grooming and TPS (Toyota Production Systems).

After graduation Guy worked as a Process Engineer and later managed the Process Engineering department at Toyota where he excelled at managing change programs and was the Program Manager for new model introductions that included the Toyota Camry. Guy also participated as a key member of Toyota’s supplier turnaround teams where poor performing suppliers were acquired and turned around to support Toyota’s Just-In-Time approach to manufacturing.

Since leaving Toyota in 1991, Guy has held increasingly more senior Management positions in diverse industries that include textiles, aerospace, medical, and semiconductors. As Director of Operations in contract manufacturing and CNC machining operations, Guy held P&L responsibilities of five Business Units across 3 locations and established Lean supply chain solutions with market leaders like Applied Materials and Siemens Medical.

As Vice President of Manufacturing and Services for an emerging aerospace company CEI Composite Engineering Inc., Guy developed Lean manufacturing processes and assembly lines for jet powered UAVs and other missile programs for the US Air Force and Navy. During this time Guy also led the implementation of new ERP system while also driving the organization to achieve ISO9000/2000 and AS9100 certifications.

In 2006 Guy began consulting, helping organizations like the US Defense Logistics Agency, Caterpillar, Arvin Meritor, and the Braun Corporation find Lean solutions in their manufacturing, distribution, and supply chains as well as in business change initiatives like ISO 9000 and business systems implementations. Understanding the Lean change cycle and the dynamics of leadership and culture has been, and remains one of Guy’s passions.

Rob "Gandhi" Wehner (Lt. Colonel Retired)

Rob recently retired from a (22) year military career flying various combat aircraft in multiple branches of the armed services. While flying with the Marine Corps F/A-18 units on both active duty as well as with the reserve, Rob became a tactical expert in aerial combat and later after transitioning to the US Air Force, achieved paralleled levels of ISR (Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance) expertise flying the famed U-2 S reconnaissance aircraft.

Rob began his career in the US Marine Corps, in May 1990 and received his officer’s commission after graduating the Platoon Leaders Corps (PLC), at the University of Colorado in Boulder, CO. Over the next two and a half years Rob underwent formal Marine Officer training and advanced jet flight instruction after which he was assigned to NAS (Naval Air Station) Lemoore, CA for F/A-18 follow-on training. A year later Rob was re-assigned to Marine Corps Air Station Miramar where he flew from 1994-2003 with VMFA (AW)-121, VMFAT-101, and VMFA-134.

While serving with these units Rob made (3) operational deployments, attended multiple advanced tactics instructor schools including TOPGUN and MAWTS-1, and amassed over 2000 hours flying the F/A 18 Hornet. Areas of tactical expertise centered on instruction in; Combined Arms Integration, Air- Air/Air-Ground employment, and Night Systems Integration.

In 2000 Rob remained on reserve while taking a hiatus from active duty to fly the Boeing 737-300/500 and Airbus A-320 aircraft for United Airlines and Jet Blue. In the spring of 2003 however, Rob returned to active duty, this time with the US Air Force, flying the famed U-2 S reconnaissance plane. For the past (9) years Rob has made over (14) operational/combat deployments with the U-2 S supporting the National Command Authority and numerous combatant commanders with time sensitive intelligence products. Rob has logged over 1600 hours in the U-2 S and has held numerous instructor and evaluator roles.

During his time with the Air Force Rob’s key responsibilities have included; 9RW Chief of Weapons and Tactics and 9RW Advanced Programs Manager. Acting in these capacities Rob has been responsible for the integration and employment expertise for the U-2, RQ-4, and MC-12 aircraft and how these global ISR (intelligence surveillance reconnaissance) system’s factor into the broader Department of Defense Advanced Programs repertoire. Specific responsibilities included standardizing aircraft Tactics Techniques and Procedures (TTP’s) and advising higher headquarter organizations about required support to specific Operational Plans (OPLANs) and Concept of Operations (CONOPs). With his broad level of systems expertise and joint service integration knowledge Rob routinely worked platform, sensor, architecture and tasking/collection/processing/exploitation/dissemination (TCPED) requirements with joint and coalition services, key logistic support organizations, government air and space agencies, contract vendors, and service test communities.

Most recently Rob has supported the 9RW Advanced Reconnaissance Tactics Instructor Course with curriculum development while working as a contracted subject matter expert. In this capacity he is responsible for aiding in the development of courseware that supports specific ISR platform, sensor, architecture, and integration expertise.

Rob currently holds a TS/SCI (T/K/G) security clearance and has previously been briefed to Joint Programs and caveats. By partnering with Lean Dynamix, Rob is able to leverage his vast experience, together with Lean methodologies, in assisting public and private organizations alike in achieving a more effective and waste free future state.

Karen Olivier
Karen began her career as a psychologist and therapist working with individuals and groups across a wide spectrum of clinical issues and research programs. During this time she developed advance statistical models and worked with diversified data populations in research and field programs.

In the mid 1990’s Karen moved to San Francisco, CA and began working for a multi-disciplinary health clinic. There, Karen excelled at solving the administrative challenges of a growing clinic and as office manager handled insurance billing, patient scheduling and the health care management software systems.

Karen also attended San Francisco State University and in 2000 completed her second Masters degree where upon graduation she was nominated as the Year 2000 Business College’s Hood Award recipient for outstanding academic achievement.

After graduation Karen joined Avante’ Corp, a software company in the EDA (Electronic Design Automation) industry. Working in the General Management office Karen reported directly to the president and learned the inner workings of this advanced software solutions development organization. With the acquisition of Avante’ by Synopsis, Karen continued to excel as a business analyst working with the worlds leading provider of Electronic Design Automation solutions.

After taking some time away from her career to start a family, Karen, now as co-owner, continues as the administrative force and the health-care systems practice lead for Lean Dynamix. Karen holds a Masters in Psychology from Natal University in South Africa and an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) with dual majors in Marketing and Finance from San Francisco State University. 

Greg Dobbs

Greg began his career with Continental Cablevision, where he rose through the ranks of accounting and finance to eventually design and implement a MRP (Materials requirements planning) system to manage the region’s $50M inventory.

Following that, Tenet Healthcare Corporation, a $5B enterprise, recruited Greg as a Financial Systems Manger where he was responsible for the design and implementation of enterprise-wide financial systems. This meant defining, developing and implementing new General Ledger accounting architectures along with the related reporting systems. Additionally Greg developed database-driven planning and forecasting systems that serviced a $1B division of the company.

Based on his successes in software development, Greg struck out on his own as an independent consultant and spent the next 15 years developing custom software for a myriad of clients both at the Fortune 500 and at the sole proprietorships levels. His software solutions have ranged from web development to sophisticated data management systems still used by clients for daily operations and mission critical applications.

In 2011 Greg joined forces with Lean Dynamix as the technical lead on ERP reimplementation projects while also collaborating in the development of a proprietary software application dubbed L.E.A.D. (Lean Enterprise Analytics Dashboards). With advanced skills is MS Windows based development tools Greg has created demo scripts and sample databases in the proof-of-concept phases for the LEAD platform.

Greg’s unique blend of information technology, practical business experience and accounting background allows him to provide clients with comprehensive solutions that span the gamut of their requirements. Greg holds a BBA from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, School of Management with a concentration in Finance, and is a graduate of Deerfield Academy in Deerfield, Massachusetts.


Pat Renneker
Pat is deeply experienced in the field of Information Technology, software development and web, windows, and database applications with over 20 years of experience servicing small, mid and large organizations with custom solutions.

In the mid 1990’s Pat worked in IT for the Braun Corporation, a mid to large sized automotive manufacturing company where he led the ERP evaluation and implementation programs of Info’s VISUAL Manufacturing and Financial ERP system. This included working across the entire gamut of enterprise units to set-up the BOM management systems, work order scheduling, inventory management, MRP systems, purchasing protocols, the GL structure, and the A/R / A/P functionality, providing Pat with a broad perspective of how to support the manufacturing enterprise.

During this time Pat faced a myriad of challenges that included utilization and licensing constraints. In order to overcome these Pat independently designed and published a suite of windows based search and tracking applications that allowed users to easily navigate and locate parts within the ERP system without tying up a fully licensed seat to do so. This meant that licensed seats were optimized and that users enjoyed GUI (Graphic User Interface) displays, which in the 90’s was not always available. These applications are still in use today in 2012.

In the early 2000’s Pat started out on his own, founding Satellite Software inc. and commercialized his suite of search-and-tracking applications, offering them to other organizations facing utilization and licensing constraints within their ERP applications. For the next decade Pat continued to excel in the development of database and web applications for large and small manufacturing clients both in Canada and the US. These clients encompassed diverse industries that include Aerospace/Defense, Automotive, Electronics, Food, Medical, Paper Goods, Surgical Instruments, Textile, and Specialty manufacturing.

More recently and with the emergence of supporting technologies, Pat has also developed numerous web applications including database-powered mobile apps, web services for data syndication, an automated inventory synchronization system for automotive dealers, an animal registry application that tracks pedigrees and DNA analysis data, and real estate websites that automatically synchronize listings data with MLS®.

Today Pat, a graduate of the famed Culver Academy, lives with his family in Culver, IN where he is an active member of the local community, serving on the board for charity organizations like the Boys & Girls Club and Kiwanis International.


Michael Walsh

Michael is a career finance and accounting practitioner who in 1986 began his career with Finish Master inc. as Director of Finance. There Michael played a key role in the development of financial systems that supported this company's phenomenal growth from 7 branches with $10M in annual revenues to 40 branches with $120M in annual revenues. 

After moving to California in 1996, Michael worked as a consultant to the 3Com Corporation and then for the First Franklin Financial Corporation where he later was recruited as their Director of Finance. During this time Michael also managed their worldwide employee pay and review software systems, a 24/7 commitment. At First Franklin, Michael also mastered and managed the J.D.Edwards accounting software package developing custom reporting routines. 

Since 2001 Michael has worked in the CFO role for small cap organizations heavily involved in small cap mergers, reverse mergers and acquisitions of both private and public companies. This has provided Michael a broad understanding of corporate funding, risk management, and financial infrastructures required for real life solutions, across a wide array of industries. 

Michael holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Central Michigan University and an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) from St. Mary's College. 

Ken Hall (Colonel)

Colonel Ken Hall has served the United States in the Air National Guard and is currently a senior member of the Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance group supporting the 9th Reconnaissance Wing.  


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